This April, Daniel Films, the head of Argentina’s Science, Technology and Innovation portfolio, was presented with the Cannabis Research and Development Program, an initiative that will offer 250 million dollars to finance proposals that contribute to through research, development and innovation, to the construction and application of public policies related to medicinal cannabis, hemp and its derivatives for medicinal, therapeutic and palliative use, its clinical and/or industrial uses, and the social and associated cultures.

The event took place at the Cultural Center of Science (C3) and had two panels, on the one hand, one dedicated to the presentation of the program, with the participation of the Minister of Science; the Undersecretary for Institutional Coordination, Pablo Nuñez; the President of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), Ana Franchi; and the CONICET researcher Silvia Kochen, and on the other hand, another dedicated to experts on the subject, made up of deputies Mara Brawer and Carolina Gaillard; the lawyer Lucía Cámpora; and representatives of NGOs and civil society.

The importance of social movement

During the event, the Minister stressed that it has been the social movement that has pushed for this issue to be highlighted on the country’s agenda and now it is the State that has to bring it within everyone’s reach, indicating that science is which has the power to legitimize these demands. In addition, he stated that there are four elements that are considered fundamental when thinking about investment in science and technology, these four being:

  • Solve people’s problems
  • Resolve the issues of the productive apparatus, by generating production and work, which allows a country with greater growth and development.
  • generation of federalism
  • Sovereignty and autonomy in decision making

For her part, the president of CONICET, Ana Franchi, celebrated the Program and all the work that has been done to arrive at a perfectible law, highlighting the role of the State and the importance of being able to continue advancing on the subject and its access for all: “It is a human right to be able to access therapeutics. And it also represents an opportunity for the industry with new sources of work.”

programa e investigación y desarrollo en cannabis soc

About the Cannabis Research and Development Programme

The objective is to promote R&D projects aimed at generating knowledge and advances regarding the properties of the cannabis plant and its derivatives, its clinical and/or industrial uses, and the associated social and cultural aspects. In this way, it seeks to strengthen and promote the creation of capacities in the scientific and technological system that contribute to the development and implementation of public policies by provincial and municipal governments on the subject.

1. Research projects

Oriented to the generation of scientific knowledge related to the therapeutic uses of cannabis and its derivatives, which result in better opportunities for development, and which contribute to the resolution of problems, based on technological innovation. These projects, which may not exceed 10 million dollars, may be presented by the institutions of the scientific and technological system that make up the Inter-institutional Council for Science and Technology (CICyT).

2. Associative projects between the scientific system and national and provincial governments, municipalities, civil society organizations and NGOs

Proposals that link reference organizations with the scientific system in R&D projects that support public institutions, civil society organizations and NGOs, in the search for solutions that require scientific knowledge or technological development for their resolution, promoting local, regional and national development around the cannabis industry and its derivatives. In these cases, up to 70% of the total project will be financed, not exceeding 10 million dollars.

In both modalities, the budgets must be strictly justified in the work plan, based on the requirements of the proposal and be substantiated in accordance with the activities to be developed. Therefore, it is requested that the expenses and the required funds be rigorously planned.

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Laura Taibo
GMP Consultant