Finally, after several amendments, the Chamber of Councillors of Morocco, the upper house of the Parliament, submitted to a vote the draft law number 13.21, in relation to the commercialization and legal use of cannabis. This project was approved by a majority of votes with 41 in favour and 11 against.

The main purpose of this project presented at the session by the Interior Minister Abdel-Wafi Laftit is to improve the quality of life and general well-being of cannabis growers. It aims to improve their income and generate job opportunities in a sustainable manner in the rural regions of the country. Currently most farmers are experiencing a continuous deterioration of their conditions, partly due to a strong drop of price of the illegal cannabis in Morocco. The legalization of the cultivation could mean an increase in farmers’ income and the protection of their rights.

During the exhibition, the studies carried out in which the harmful effect of the illegal cultivation of cannabis on the health of Moroccan citizens was taken into account, as well as the erosion and contamination caused in the country’s soil. The legalization of medicinal cannabis will therefore have a positive effect on the national economy and local development, taking into account the potential that Morocco presents to take advantage of the global demand for cannabis. It also makes it clear that personal, non-medicinal use of cannabis will continue to be prohibited.

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