Medicinal Cannabis Consulting
How do we work in Devecan?

Comprehensive consulting for your medicinal cannabis project

DEVECAN is a medicinal cannabis consultancy that integrates the best experts in the market for each of your medicinal cannabis project needs.

We have our own structure and the ability to assist you in designing your business project, to analyse the construction and the investment needs, to develop the business plan based on the search of the therapeutic target, to design the production process and to help you build your GACP+GMP quality system.

We are accompanied by the best partners in the market to provide you with the complete support, from the consulting to the integral solution implementation.

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«The scientist is not the person who gives the correct answers, but the one who asks the right questions»


We go beyond the project. We train your team in everything they need to know and help you to obtain GACP and GMP certifications and all the necessary regulatory documentation.

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Cultivation and processing design

We design with you the production process most adapted to your business objectives. You decide what you want to produce, we turn it into a factory. 


Engineering and construction

We design and build custom cultivation and processing areas, oriented to strict compliance with the requirements and the maximum productivity.



We accompany you in the development and preparation of your business plan to achieve your business objectives.


GACP + GMP quality system

We accompany you in the implementation of your quality system. From the quality manual drafting, Master plan and traceability management system, to the selection and training of your staff.


Medical application consulting

We advise you on the cannabis and its derivatives medicinal uses and properties, based on the results of scientific studies and clinical trials.



We design the physical anti-intrusion structure, as well as the internal surveillance of the production unit and the logistics control. From the security department we make your product safe from the cultivation to the final customer.

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Legal support

Legal support dedicated to cannabis, from the international conventions to the most local interpretations, or in commercial needs. A very specific environment that requires specialists. 


Control laboratory

From the in-process control tests, to the production batch release. GMP certified control laboratory for narcotics.


Obtaining genetic material

Authorized genetic exploitation licenses, technical advice and technology transfer in cultivation methods.


Processing of extracts and purification of cannabinoids

We design facilities for the active ingredients extraction and purification, which have a potential applicability in the pharmaceutical sector, oriented to the strict compliance with the requirements.


e-GACP ® certification

GACP certification, through which agricultural practices are evaluated and supervised for correct compliance with the European guidelines, providing complete traceability and sustainable production with the assured final quality. 



Logistics specialists in the medicinal cannabis industry with capacity and knowledge to manage a product with special characteristics in the transport, both from the management with the authorities point of view as well as quality, traceability, security and service.

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Bioburden reduction

Bioburden reduction in Medical Cannabis by means of ionizing radiation in a GMP certified e-beam facility.  Straight forward process validation and fast turnaround routine treatments. Management of import/export authorizations with AEMPS.

Top professionals At the service of your project

Behind a company there are always great people and professionals who work hard to make it come true. In Devecan you have the best in each field.

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