Recently, a study by researchers from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) has been published in the ‘Nature Neuroscience’ magazine, in which it is evidenced that medicinal cannabis can reduce essential tremor.

The study has been carried out in mice, and in them the researchers have shown that a specific synthetic cannabinoid (compound found in cannabis, cannabinoid WIN55,212-2) reduces essential tremor by activating the support cells of the spinal cord and brain, known as astrocytes.

In this research it has been discovered that injecting the cannabinoid WIN55,212-2 into the spinal cord causes the excision of astrocytes from it, prompting them to release the substance adenosine. This substance reduces nerve activity and therefore unwanted shaking. The effect is mediated by cannabinoid receptors on astrocytes located in the ventral horn of the spinal cord, where limb movements begin.

The discovery that astrocytes are part of the cannabis effect is a new approach to understanding the medicinal effect of cannabis. It can help to improve the treatment of patients with involuntary tremors.

The importance of targeted treatments

The spinal cord is responsible or the majority of our movements. Under normal conditions, motor neurons connect the spinal cord to the muscles. When the impulse is sent, the contraction occurs and consequently the movement. Involuntary tremor occurs when motor neurons send contradictory signals at the same time.

This way a cannabis-based medicine could be developed in which the treatment is directed at the spinal cord, the astrocytes or even the astrocytes of the spinal cord. This would avoid affecting the neurons of the brain and would be an effective treatment without side effects for patients suffering from involuntary tremors.

We have seen how medicinal cannabis can reduce tremor, but cannabis can be effective for many other pathologies or symptoms. At Devecan we are specialists in devising, designing and launching medical cannabis projects, both in an integral way or in specific collaborations. Contact us and tell us what you want to develop, our team will help you throughout the process.


Laura Taibo
GMP Consultant